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Software House, with over 20 years of experience, in 2020 becomes part of Gruppo Casalini Libri S.p.A. as its technology partner, uniting objectives and skills to offer superior and more advanced products/services.


We orient our activities toward consulting, planning and developing technological solutions aimed at:

  • Data Management, systems for the administration and enhancement of information patrimonies
  • Data Conversion, processing of personal data so that it can be transformed into structured data
  • Data Exploration, search tools and the fruition of information on the web

As System Integrator we facilitate the acquisition/integration of preexisting systems, or create new functional structures, also developing with open source technologies selected among those of international standards

Semantic Web and linked data technologies

The result of our extensive experience, at an international level, has allowed us to be among the first PMIs in Italy to focus on methodological processes, best practices, and Web semantic technologies and Linked Open Data (LOD), obtaining a leadership position in cultural heritage.

We manage the entire process guaranteeing the highest quality standards (5 stars):

  • Creation/publishing of datasets in LOD
  • Selection, integration and planning of ontologies
  • Interlinking to create a network of knowledge that is both distributed and interoperable
  • Engineering of search engines, LOD visualization and fruition   

Academic activities

We are present and participate in primary international events, in both academic and theoretical settings, relative to themes on web semantics and LOD technologies.

We collaborate with universities and research institutions in the organization of university level and specialization courses, conferences and project seminars, as well as the publication of texts and articles in trade magazines. 

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Founding partner & Director
Tiziana Possemato
Administrative Area
Giuseppe Pedicini
Systems Area
Mirko Fonzo
Systems Area
Corrado Arba
AWS Cloud Architect
Emiliano Cammilletti
Functional Area
Alessandra Moi
Functional Area
Annalisa Di Sabato
Development Area
Alice Guercio
Development Area
Carmen Trazza
Development Area
Alfonso Di Luise
Development Area
Giorgio Gazzarini
Development Area
Matteo Cece
Development Area
Matteo Pascucci
Development Area
Natascia Bianchini
Development Area
Sandra Malfagia
Help Desk
Adriano Vincenti