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Open source platform software, the first big project developed using native cloud approach, in addition to the functions of the current management systems, it supports a vast ray of web and mobile applications, allowing libraries and their respective clients to meet constantly changing needs.

Thanks to the collaboration with international businesses that participated in the realization of the original architecture, and being among the primary developers of modules, Apps and services that the platform makes available, we are the right partner to adopt FOLIO:

  • Implementation services
  • Personalized development
  • Software support
  • Hosting
  • Software distribution
  • Training

FOLIO | Open Source Library Services Platform


For the creation of a NEW bibliographic universe!

The integration of services offered by the two platforms generates a new and innovative universe of information in which one can:

  • create/modify records of any cataloguing environment in use and update them in the FOLIO Inventory utilizing the available API
  • integrate different ontologies in addition to BIBFRAME
  • create identity clusters (agents, works, instances, …) enriched with data coming from external sources (VIAF, Wikidata, FAST, …)
  • foster Cluster Knowledge Base, that is a library’s entity sets in a database, with data that has been enriched and converted into Linked Data
  • export records from the LOD system in in one of the formats supported by the library
  • create and modify the entities of the Cluster Knowledge Base with J. Cricket, editing tool that extends the authority functions through the integration of external sources (Wikidata, ISNI, …)
  • benefit from API REST and GraphQL to interrogate the database
  • publish data on Entity Discovery web portal, equipped with user-adjustable interface
  • take advantage of the power of Entity Discovery also to navigate data in one’s own OPAC.